Monday, November 5, 2007

Rudy Would Boost GOP Chances in Northeast

I think it goes without saying that a strong and popular candidate running at the top of the ticket will help his fellow party's candidates down ballot with his coattails. Here's a column from the Washington Times arguing just that. Money quote:
Proponents of a "Giuliani bounce" at blue-state polls say it could propel challenges to Democrats including Reps. Kirsten Gillibrand and John Hall in New York, Christopher Carney and Paul E. Kanjorski in Pennsylvania, Steven R. Rothman in New Jersey and Christopher S. Murphy in Connecticut.
I would also argue that Rudy can help incumbent Republicans in New York, including Congressman Kuhl. Rudy's very popular in the 29th, far more than Hillary, which I think will energize Republicans in our area to go out to vote in droves next fall. Not to say that candidates like Congressman Kuhl can't win without Rudy at the top of the ballot. Last fall definitely showed that with a dismal climate for Republican incumbents and, at the time, a popular Democrat running for governor, Congressman Kuhl held his own just fine. I just think that Rudy can help here by changing it from a close race to a landslide for Congressman Kuhl.

By the way, how's Rudy doing in the GOP primary? Well he's up by 13.7% nationally in the latest RCP polling average!

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