Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dems' "Do Nothing" Congress

From Congressman Kuhl's blog:
The Democrat Majority: By the Numbers

0 - Fiscal year 2008 spending bills signed into law

$3.04 - Per gallon of gas and no energy bill to lower gas prices

20 - Years since the last time it took this long to confirm an attorney general

20 - Years since the last time not a single spending bill was sent to the president by this late date

33 - States with operating budgets lower than the $9 billion in overspending contained in the Labor-HHS-Ed appropriations bill

39 - Days into the 2008 fiscal year with no spending bills signed into law

46 - Bills signed into law naming post offices and other federal properties

52 - Days since the nation had an attorney general

53 - Days until expiration of the research and development tax credit

53 - Days until 2008, and still no Alternative Minimum Tax patch

57 - Political Iraq votes held in the House and Senate

66 - Percent of foreign intelligence missed when court orders were required for surveillance, according to DNI Mike McConnell

276 - Days since the president requested funding for troops, and still no action

312 - Days since the Alternative Minimum Tax “patch” expired

$93.53 - Per gallon of crude oil, and no energy bill to lower gas prices

$100,000 - Funding for Los Angeles Fashion District in House Transportation-HUD appropriations bill

$300,000 - Funding for San Francisco Exploratorium museum in Labor-HHS-Ed appropriations conference report

$2 million - Funding cut from Department of Labor union boss watchdog office

22 million - New smokers needed to pay for Democrat SCHIP plan

$3 billion - Border security funding pulled from defense spending bill by Democrats

$22 billion - Additional spending proposed by Democrats over the president’s budget request

$220 billion - Additional spending over 10 years proposed by Democrats

$916 billion - Additional taxes proposed in the Democrats’ budget over 10 years

$1.3 trillion - Additional taxes proposed by Democrats in AMT legislation over 10 years

To read more about the “Do Nothing” Congress read: Record Setting Congress

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