Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Insert the Blanks Editorial on SCHIP

So the Democrat & Chronicle has an editorial up today from "Guest Essayists" John Sweeney, national AFL-CIO president, and James Bertolone, Rochester and Vicinity Labor Council president, which bashes Congressman Kuhl for his refusal to rubber stamp the Democrat's expansion of SCHIP to cover upper-income families, adults, and illegal immigrants. Go ahead and read the whole editorial yourself.

Now read this editorial from yesterday, supposedly written by John Sweeney (again) and Louis Neuman, Central Minnesota AFL-CIO Trades and Labor president, in the Minnesota St. Cloud Times which bashes Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Other than the name change and Minnesota "statistics," does it sound familiar? Or how about this one in the Topeka Capital-Journal, from September, written by Andy Sanchez, executive secretary-treasurer of the Kansas AFL-CIO, which bashes Bush. Then there's this one in the Tennessean from early October written by Jerry Lee, president of the Tennessee State Federation, along with this one in the Arizona Daily Star, written by Rebekah Friend, also from early October, both of which just bash Bush.

Now, question to the D&C Editorial Board: Is it your policy to publish cut and paste editorials, or is it too hard to do a simple Google search to verify whether the content of the editorial you have hasn't been published elsewhere?

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