Thursday, November 1, 2007

Top House Democrat Failures

And this list is only for the month of October! I wonder how many more failures the Dems will "accomplish" over the next few months...

Democrats’ October: A Comedy of Horrors

Top Ten Recent House Democrat Failures

No-Compromise-Democrats’ SCHIP Let-Down Not only did the Democrats fail to override the President’s veto on the first flawed SCHIP bill, they failed to garner a single additional Republican vote on the second version of the bill, even after weeks of political attack ads. And no one will forget Democrat Rep. Pete Stark’s offensive comments accusing our troops of “blow[ing] up innocent people,” remarks that overshadowed and demeaned the important debate on children’s health care.

Flawed FISA Bill Pulled Democrats were forced to pull their extension of FISA from the floor after Republicans exposed its “bin Laden loophole:” under the bill, our intelligence officials would be forced to consult government lawyers before wiretapping Osama bin Laden. The Washington Post called the whole episode an “embarrassment” for Speaker Pelosi.

Turkey-Armenia Resolution Quashed In what the media called the “biggest political misstep of her speakership,” Speaker Pelosi was forced to withdraw the resolution on the World War I Armenian genocide that, by antagonizing Turkey, served to jeopardize the safety of our troops in Iraq. Even top Democrats like Rep. John Murtha led the effort to quash the resolution.

Mother of All Tax Hikes Sends Democrats Scrambling After Chairman Rangel introduced the Mother of All Tax Hikes, Speaker Pelosi said she “certainly support[s] his plan,” only to whitewash the transcript of the press conference later to obscure her support for the largest individual income tax hike in American history.

Failure to Govern: Appropriations Bills On October 26, Democrats set a record in their failure to govern. Not since 1987 has Congress gone that long in the calendar year and not sent the President even a single appropriations bill, including the veterans and military housing bill, which enjoys near unanimous support.

Failure to Govern: AMT Relief Democrats have failed to protect 21 million American middle-class taxpayers from the Alternative Minimum Tax. In the past, Republicans always acted to protect taxpayers by June each year. In their failure to act, Democrats now risk levying a $2,000 tax hike on the middle-class and a three month delay in issuing tax refunds to Americans who need to make ends meet.

Failure to Govern: Post Office Congress The record is clear.
Of the 107 bills signed into law in the 110th Congress: 47 bills named post offices, courthouses, or roads; 44 bills were non-controversial measures sponsored by Republicans or passed with overwhelming GOP support; and 14 bills extended pre-existing public laws or laws passed during a Republican-led Congress. Two bills were enacted on the strength of GOP votes over the objections of Democrat leaders – including the war supplemental in May and the Protect America Act in August.

Keystone Cops at the Judiciary Committee Despite promises of confidentiality, 150 Department of Justice whistleblowers had their identities revealed because of the carelessness of House Democrats. If this lack of investigative integrity is what Democrats call “oversight,” then it looks more like the Keystone Cops than a congressional committee.

Murtha Inc. Exposed The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday ran a front page story about Rep. John Murtha’s earmark factory, which it dubs “Murtha Inc.” According to the Journal, “many [earmarks] weren't sought by the military or federal agencies they were intended to benefit. Some were inefficient or mismanaged … One Murtha-backed firm, ProLogic Inc., is under federal investigation…”

Plummeting Approval Ratings A recent Zogby poll found, for the second month in a row, that
the Democrat-led Congress’ approval rating is a paltry 11 percent. Sixty-six percent of Americans think the country’s on the wrong track, up four points from the last poll. In addition, a recent California poll shows that for the first time, more Californians (40 percent) disapprove of Speaker Pelosi’s job performance than approve (35 percent).

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