Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Election Results

The election results were mixed last night, with some great victories and heartbreaking defeats.

First, the bad news:
Despite their best efforts in Victor with the write-in campaign, Dick Maltman and Michael Crowley were defeated last night by the Democrats for town council. They put their hearts and souls into this race knowing that it would be an uphill battle, and they deserve much praise for that. The voter outreach on how to do a write-in vote was amazing. Republican Leslie Bamann, the incumbent town supervisor, did win the write-in and deserves much congratulations.

The good news:
Based on the preliminary results, Republicans picked up an at-large council seat in both the Cities of Canandaigua and Geneva, and won a clean sweep in East Bloomfield, another town where the candidates faced a write-in campaign. In my town of Canandaigua, the Republicans also won a clean sweep.

For more results of races in your area of Ontario County, click here!

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