Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Brazil Trip

Following up on my post from yesterday, the Hornell Evening Tribune has a story on the controversy. Frankly, this story has no legs. Massa, in his usual hyperbole, said, "In the middle of winter, Randy Kuhl is on a summer vacation in Brazil." Um, Eric, if you think we're in the middle of winter now, just wait til that period of time between December and March! I mean, really, how long have you lived here???

This is the most interesting piece of the article, which hasn't been discussed much in the blogosphere:
Congressional delegations, according to Kuhl, allow members of Congress the opportunity to broaden their perspectives and better understand U.S. relations abroad. The trips, he said, are encouraged by the State Department and help create relationships and partnerships with other countries.

"It also provides a frame of reference so the Congressional leaders can come back to Washington and propose new legislation to improve the United States," Kuhl said. (Emphasis added)

So while Massa is still flipping out over losing last year and attacking Congressman Kuhl every chance he gets, our Congressman is on a bipartisan fact-finding mission, which is encouraged by the State Department, in order to foster diplomatic realtions with another country and gather more information on how to make America more energy independent in the future. 'Nuff said!

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