Tuesday, January 8, 2008

NH: Mid-Counting Analysis

Shocked doesn't begin to describe how I feel about the results coming in tonight. Right now, Hillary is beating Obama by 3 points, and the AP just called this race for Hillary. While McCain was projected the winner earlier this evening, Romney has closed the gap to 6 points at this time. I won't do the "Winners and Losers" feature as I did with the Iowa Caucus results, since everything has been turned upside down at this point. But I will note one HUGE loser: the MSM and their opinion polls. While the GOP race is somewhat mirroring the weekend polls (so much for that "late Romney surge"), the MSM blew it in the Dem race. It was wall-to-wall Obama coverage since Thursday, with all the polls showing him with very large leads. Early reports today stated that the Dems were running out of ballots, and since Obama was projected to win the independents, that was an early indication of another big Obama victory tonight. Because of this, many, including myself, predicted that Obama would win by a double-digit margin in NH.

But one thing is certain: Both races remain wide open, with no single "frontrunner" in either race.

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