Friday, January 4, 2008

Campaigning in NH this Weekend for Rudy

Tomorrow morning, a group of Ontario County Republicans, including myself, will be travelling to the Granite State to campaign for Rudy, arriving back late Sunday night. I'm very excited to see firsthand what it's like in New Hampshire just days before the primary, and I'm sure a great time will be had by all.


firerobin said...

I am a Rudy supporter all the WAY! Have fun up in NH. Go RUDY!

The Ontario Republican said...

Thanks, firerobin! We just got back tonight, and had a wonderful time. I've certainly done a lot of campaigning before, but nothing I've ever done matched campaigning right before the NH primary. The signs, the ads, the voters who want to talk at length with you about the issues, it was tremendous. We also had the chance to meet Rudy after the debate. It was a great weekend!