Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nevada, South Carolina Results

Romney's win today showed that he was smart to back out of South Carolina and campaign hard in Nevada this week, where according to the exit polls, 25% of the caucus-goers there are Mormon and 94% of them voted Romney. One thing that I have not seen played up at all is that McCain finished in third place, with 13% of the vote, in a state that borders his own...

In South Carolina, I was hoping that Huckabee would beat McCain to slow the Senator's momentum going into Florida, but with a three percent margin of victory for McCain, there is no question in my mind that Huckabee would have won South Carolina but for Fred Thompson staking his whole candidacy in this state, taking many votes away from Huckabee.

But now it comes down to Florida, and the Giuliani campaign is up for the fight. Here's a statement from Tony Carbonetti, Rudy's senior political advisor, which contrasts Rudy's views on taxes with the other candidates:
We congratulate Senator John McCain on winning the South Carolina primary. While the race remains wide open, we welcome the candidates to Florida for a real discussion of the issues we've been talking about since day one. Florida voters know that in a field where one candidate twice voted against the Bush tax cuts and another wasn't even sure they were a good idea, Rudy is the only candidate who has a record of cutting taxes, a plan for the largest tax cut in modern American history, and a proven ability to jumpstart the economy.

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