Saturday, January 19, 2008

Congressman Kuhl Commends Dems for Attempting Bipartisanship, Massa Attacks

For months now, Congressman Kuhl has been critical of the Dem leadership in the House for not trying to work with Republicans on a host of issues. So when the Dems approached House Republican Leader John Boehner to discuss an economic stimulus package, Congressman Kuhl commended it as a positive step forward. Eric Massa, of course, took this as an opportunity to be critical of Congressman Kuhl, because our good congressman actually had the audacity to be critical of the Dem leadership in the past. For shame!

Frankly, I don't see what's wrong with Congressman Kuhl calling out the Dems when they're not working with the Republicans on Capitol Hill, and then commends them when they appear to be reaching out. To me, that seems like healthy bipartisanship. Eric Massa, on the other hand, finds it to be an opportunity to complain. So much for Mr. "I Speak Donkey and Elephant" Good Ol' Bipartisan Eric Massa...

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