Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Was Missing from Massa's Press Conference?

Rottenchester has a recap of Massa's presser from earlier today, and do you know what was missing? Not a single reporter asked Massa about his private apology to Engel about the Brazil trip. Instead, we have Massa claiming the following:
By calling me ignorant in the newspaper, Randy Kuhl clearly wants this trip to become the central issue in this election. I want to talk about the economy, health care for children, how we fund home heating assistance. Randy Kuhl wants to talk about this trip because he won't answer simple questions.
Um, Eric, I don't think Congressman Kuhl is trying to make this trip a central issue of the campaign, but rather your overall ignorance, of which this present case is a prime example. Even a Democrat Congressman from New York has questioned your fitness to serve in Congress, so it's a perfectly legitimate issue! Fortunately, a reporter did raise a question about Massa's above comment. According to Rottenchester, "Rick Miller of the Olean paper asked whether it wasn't Massa who's making it an issue," which of course he is. Massa responded about going on and on about some trip that some people from Corning took or something, and the issue was dropped. Otherwise, it was just an ordinary, incoherent Massa presser, with some fine gems, including "Don't tell me what Democrats are saying [about the surge]" and that he won't be voting for Rudy Giuliani (oh darn, really?).


Rottenchester said...

I can understand if you don't agree with Massa's positions, because he disagrees with Republicans on a lot of issues. That's the way this democracy thing works.

But I don't understand criticisms like "incoherent". Massa's a well-spoken individual, who makes coherent arguments. Anyone who's seen him in action acknowledges that, and even some of the conservatives who comment on my blog say it, even if they disagree with his positions. Cutting him off in mid-sentence (which is what you did in that last paragraph) doesn't make him "incoherent".

The Ontario Republican said...

That wasn't the incoherent part for me, though I did note that as a "gem." What I found incoherent was this: "By calling me ignorant in the newspaper, Randy Kuhl clearly wants this trip to become the central issue in this election." Just because Congressman Kuhl responds to all the hubbub about the trip and wants to defend himself (and rightly so), doesn't mean he wants the trip to be a central issue in the campaign. And then Massa followed that up by saying how it's Kuhl, not Massa, who wants to keep this controversy up to, somehow, prevent Massa from speaking about other issues? That just doesn't make any sense at all!

Rottenchester said...

No, read what you wrote. You said it's an "ordinary, incoherent Massa presser". That implies that the norm for Massa is incoherence, which it isn't.

Of course, Kuhl doesn't "want" the trip to be a central issue in the sense that I want to drink a beer. Massa means it in the sense that Kuhl "must want" to keep it alive, since he saying that people who question him are ignorant. If we're so ignorant, then Randy needs to school us, which will keep the story alive.

Kent said...

With the news cycle running down in the 29th slowing for the Xmas holidays, it seems that Massa will do anything he can to get some attention.

First, he makes an issue out of Rush Limbaugh for "phony soldiers" and then steals lines from the movie "The American President" on his video to sound indignant.

Now, he makes all sorts of noise about Kuhl's trip to Brasil. This is funny since it was a bipartisan, educational trip, which could help in terms of trade, and not simply a vacation to a far-off land.

I guess Massa thinks that all public officials should not experience the world, and mix business with pleasure.

Do you wonder if Massa, when he was an officer, enjoyed trips to far-off, exotic locales like Muscat, Oman and spent time in places like the five-star Al Bustan Palace Hotel?

I wonder if he should have stayed in a youth hostel or something, because spending tax-payer money on shore-leave like that might be something that we should not allow for our military to do.

Mixing business with pleasure. Taking advantage of a business trip and enjoying local sites. What a shock.

Get a life Massa. Stop making noise out of nothing.

Youre going to make others tone-deaf when you really need them to listen.

Remember "The Boy Who Called Wolf"? Get an education outside the idiot-box.