Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Unlike Some, Kuhl Doesn't Spend Taxpayer Money to Lease a Car

According to the D&C, "[t]hree of the Rochester area's five members of Congress are among a minority of House members who use taxpayer-funded accounts to lease vehicles in their districts." Congressman Kuhl was one of the two in the area who does NOT use taxpayer-funds to lease a car.

The three congresspeople who do this practice "cited their districts' size as the reason for needing to lease a car." What irks me the most about this response is that Congressman Kuhl has the largest district geographically in New York, from Gates to the eastern most part of Chemung County and the western most part of Cattaraugus County, which is larger than the size of the State of Connecticut, and yet he doesn't need to use tax dollars to fund a car to travel through his district, despite the fact that he continues to visit each of the 145 towns in his district at least once a year. If any congressperson from New York could justify his district's size as a reason for this expense, it's Congressman Kuhl, and yet he chooses not to do it.

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Elmer said...

I don't understand the focus on such a silly issue. I know the D&C brought it up, but talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.