Monday, March 17, 2008

Massa v. Dickert: Libel Case Settled

It appears that, at long last, Eric has settled with Sanford Dickert, his former campaign manager, on the latter's libel suit against Massa.

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing. Hardly any attention to this in the press yet TV 10's Massa fan Evan Dawson can do another hit job on Kuhl, this time informing his constituents about WHY they are receiving a $600 check from the government (the IRS letter was a bit short on details).

Why doesn't dawson look into some bigger issues? Why was Eric Massa fired from the House Armed Services Committee in Congress? He claims it was because he was against the Iraq War. Others on the GOP Committee staff were and are against the war yet are STILL THERE... so that can't be it. Could it be because he leaked sensitive, classified government documents about Iraq to the campaign of Wesley Clark when he was there? Sounds pretty serious. Maybe someone should look into that one, I-team.